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Why Us?...

Choosing the place that your children will spend their day is very important, and here at Star Cubs we are confident that you will love the atmosphere and learning environment we can provide. Star Cubs is filled with passionate caregivers that will nurture and teach young minds to flourish and grow.


Every parent/guardian can trust and feel at ease knowing their child is in great hands. There is nothing to hide at Star Cubs. There are cameras in every room that stream a live video that parents/ guardians are given the password to so they can monitor their child as well. It is important for an open flow of communication between the child's parent/ guardian and our staff.


We encourage parents to be involved. Our goal is to build a foundation for learning while having fun. There will be exciting and innovative lesson plans as well as an attention to art and crafts to feed the creative soul as well. Children will create profiles with the Early Learning Academy ABCMouse for a place to track their daily lesson plans. You may then view your child's progress and learning activities from the day at home on your computer. 


There are different rooms at Star Cubs to separate each of our Cub learning programs. Each program explores the learning behavior and skills of that stage in the child's development. There are main rooms that the children will

go in to keep a flow with the day to keep their minds and bodies moving. This stimulates

learning while having fun. A facility that houses an age range for full time child

care is great for little ones to grow with lasting friendships or siblings that will be there to keep

them at ease. 


Establishing a loving surrounding that one feels safe, trust and ecouragement is one we feel

strong about. Our staff is selected on their love and care for children along with the ability to

teach. The best business grows from a happy and healthy staff and customer. Knowing that

there is a way to teach children to learn while having fun in a caring setting is exemplary. 



...With such a warm and welcoming environment that focuses on creating experiences with an exploration in the platform of learning there is no where else to be but Star Cubs Child Care Center. 


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